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Fresh Sips started by wanting to provide another healthy option, with natural ingredients. Growing up my mother has always suffered from health issues and had to take a lot of medications. During the pandemic, I took the opportunity to learn about other options. With my findings, sea moss was one that caught my eye. It contained so many minerals that our bodies need, along with many helpful benefits. Starting 2020, I’ve been taking sea moss and noticed how it has improved my health. My mom lives with many health problems, so I started her on a regiment as well. Sea moss has helped to improved her health, like balancing out her blood pressure, increasing her energy, decrease inflammation, helping build her immune system, helping her hair and skin and much more.


Fresh Sips is about providing natural options. We use 100% wildcrafted sea moss, from beautiful island of St. Lucia. We blend natural ingredients to provide premium products.


Sea moss is known to provide many benefits that are helpful to our bodies both internally and externally. It contains 92 of the 102 minerals that our body need.

Offer local mobile delivery in the Tampa Bay area. 

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